Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Updates at the Brown household

We wanted to show off our babies:

Baby #1

Baby #2

Baby #3
As you can see we will be adding another bundle of joy to the Brown household next year! I just had my 10 week appointment last Friday and she confirmed that I was 10 weeks along. Being nauseous, getting many headaches, and being plain exhausted is the fun I've been feeling lately but we are sooooo excited for the next baby. I'm due July 15th and I feel time will fly by.

That's our big news before Christmas! We hope everyone will have a Merry Christmas this week!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. The snow started coming Saturday afternoon through lunch on Sunday. It's supposed to be bitter cold at the beginning of the week so we won't be playing outside anytime soon! Maybe next weekend!

Lyla continues to add more words to her vocabulary everyday. I can't even keep track what words she has started to say! I'm trying to teach her colors and she is starting to say blue and yellow but course on her own terms! Her favorite thing to do is to read her animal books and make all the animal noises. Her favorite is the lion. I need to get this on video some day! She decided she didn't want to learn farm animals yet but instead learn other animals like tiger, bear, monkey, bird, snake, dog, kitty and etc! Whatever makes her happy.

Lyla also continues to be such a little helper. She definitely gets upset with you if you don't let her help you do some chores around the house. I hope this keeps up when she gets older!

Enjoy the pictures!

Lyla trying on momma's shoes

Sitting with daddy and his buck

Being a stinker

I guess this is how she wants to play with her new toy! What a monkey!

All ready to go outside!

Looking cute in my new bunny hat!

Now trying on daddy's boots!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

All I have to say is "wow"

I think this video says it all! I guess our little girl can get out of anything she wants to!

Friday, November 5, 2010

November is Here!

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween last weekend. Lyla dressed up as a Brewer Cheerleader and had pigtails and pompoms to show! We went into my office last Friday for our Halloween potlock and to show off our costumes. I ended dressing up as a scarecrow which I believe I've been for a few years now! I love recycled costumes!

Since this was the first time we had trick-or-treaters at this house, I wanted to make sure we had enough candy to go around. I guess I overestimated b/c I believe we only went through 3/4 of a bucket and we have at least 3 buckets of candy left! I guess I will know better for next year!

Here is Matt carving our pumpkins and Lyla drawing below. Matt thought of a easy/fast way to carve with his Dremel tool and they turned out really well. We just don't know where they went after Halloween...they disappeared from our front step the night after!

Pretty girl with long blonde hair

I found Lyla in the laundry room, just sitting on our shoes and smiling! I'm glad I got a quick snap before she got up!

My crafty scarescrow and our pumpkins.....does he scare you?

All dressed up!

Getting candy ready for the trick-or-treaters
Showing off the food in my mouth!
Today Lyla and I are just hanging around home before I head off to Chicago for Kristi's b-day weekend! Lyla gets to spend some quality time with daddy!
Showing off my pretty blues
First time in a ponytail!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

19 Months Old Today!

Our little sweet pea is 19 months old today! She continues to be an active and a happy girl.

I forgot to include in the last blog about Lyla's 18 month appointment. She is measuring at 32 inches tall (50%) and 22 lb 1 oz big (20%). The doctor thought she would be a tall and lean little girl.

Some tidbits about Lyla:
  • She now has 10 teeth but we are figuring more are coming. She has been a little cranky lately and has been biting on various objects lately. I can say "teething now" but we probably won't see a tooth pop through for another month!
  • Words she has been saying for a little while are "thank you" (only on her own terms), "uh oh" (if she drops something), "ow" (if she hurt herself), "mine" (oh does she love that word), "mil" for milk, "no no" along with pointing when Ella or someone is doing something they shouldn't, and she has been saying the other kids names at daycare as well.
  • She loves to scribble and color! We really haven't been giving her crayons to play with since everything still goes in her mouth but I broke in and picked some up with coloring books. We will see if the whole house gets a makeover!
  • Knows more of her body parts like fingers and toes. We are working on arms and legs right now.
  • Still very shy to strangers and will just stare at you if you are taking to her. Every once in a while she will go up to a stranger and try to be their friend!
  • She typically is a good little eater. She still loves her peas for veggies and peaches, pears, apples and applesauce for fruit. She also has been eating better at dinner which is nice I don't have to keep feeding her peanut butter and jelly!
  • She is transitioning to one nap at daycare but still naps twice a day over the weekend. She has only been napping around 1 hour/day for our sitter and is typically cranky when I pick her up which shows she is a tired little girl. Hopefully she will get out of this stage soon and either take a longer nap or continue to nap twice like she is doing for Matt and I.

I think that is about it! Have a great Sunday.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall is Here!

Fall is here and we are happy at the Brown household. I love the crisp cool weather and changing leaves and Matt is enjoying hunting season (which by the way has already started 1 month ago). We have been busy the last few weekends so I will try and update you the best I can.

Grandma and Grandpa Brown came over and played dress up with Lyla before bedtime. She already loves dress up at 18 months old!

Black eye, cute pigtails and trying to hide from momma!

Weekend Hike

A few weekends ago during the big flooding in Portage, we decided to take a drive around to see the Wisconsin River and go take a hike at Devil's Lake. This was 2 weekends before our big Devil's Lake weekend so we had to take a quick peek of the changing leaves and hiking conditions!

Packer Time!
My brother came home for a week (for Devil's Lake weekend of course) and to visit family and friends. Brett and my dad went to the Packer Game and my mom, Lyla, Colin (our nephew) and Matt stayed back to cheer for the Packers.
Lyla in her cheerleading outfit....luckily the Packers won this time or I would have had to headline this picture as "The Packers Loss and I'm Upset"!

Lyla and Colin playing in their Packer gear. Last time Lyla saw Colin she didn't want to play with him but this trip, they were both interested in each other and played well with the animal farm/tractor.

Go Pack Go!

Devil's Lake Weekend
We look forward to Devil's Lake weekend all year long! We had great weather, company and of course great food! The goal of the weekend is typically to hike, eat, rest a little, hike again, eat again, and so on (I think you get the point). I was able to climb the rocks this year which I haven't been able to do the last couple years. We also keep adding more kids to the group every year so it's fun for our group of 40+ family and friends continuing to grow. We are already adding 2 more next year with Cullen Heaton (just born Oct 12th) and my cousin Jody who is due in Feb.

Lyla wanting to climb the rocks already

Aunt Megan, Colin, Uncle Brett and Lyla

Family picture
One of our big you can see the leaves were beautiful! Lyla and Anne (my cousin Jody's daugther) is 3 months younger than Lyla and they are starting to become buddies.
Lyla and Anne holding hands!

Sleepy hiker

" The Men" with the kids! Jason, Bryce, Anne, Jeff, Ruth, Jon, Matt and Lyla

Group of hikers! Jaime, Bryce, Jason, Jody, Ruth, Jon, Lyla, Jill, Matt, Anne and Jeff

Girl's Weekend in La Crosse
This weekend, momma got to get away with a few of my good friends from La Crosse for a weekend of fun. We had a great time seeing the changes of UW LaX, shopping and had great food. It's crazy to have a quiet meal with friends and not having to feed/take care of a busy toddler! Thank you Matt for allowing me to get away for a night!

me, Mickey, Dana and Mandy

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

To The Apple Orchard We Go

Lyla and I went for a trip with Grandma and Grandpa Knox to Edwards Apple Orchard this weekend. My brother and I would go all the time when we were younger and I decided Lyla might like it this year. Plus I love their apple cider donuts!

Lyla drove a couple tractors, went to the petting zoo where the calf was giving her kisses, played on the train and of course ate apples! She wasn't a fan of the apple cedar donuts at first but now she loves them! I figured it wouldn't take her long.

Driving my tractor!
Playing on the train
Crawling through the train

Picking out pumpkins in Grandma Knox's garden
Pretty pumpkin

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here we are!

We have a few things to report since I slacked on posting for a while.

We rented a cabin in Northern Wisconsin for a week the end of August. We wanted to get away, not travel too far and not worry about camping! We have only gone on one camping trip this summer but it was a chore! Trying to baby proof a campsite is impossible.

We had a great time sightseeing around the area, going to apple orchards, wine tasting, day trip to Duluth, MN, went to one of the Apostle Islands (Madeline), swimming, boating and etc. It is just over a 5 hour trip to Cable, WI and we stopped every 1 1/2 hours for Lyla to get out and run around. We were worried that she wouldn't handle being in the car for that long but she did great! Most of the trip I sat in back to read books and play to keep her occupied. That does make a world of a difference.

Get me out of this car seat! Too much driving!
Family picture at a waterfall
View from our cabin
Ready to go swimming!
Playing in Lake Superior
Eating a pickle at lunch...nice face!
Wandering around the ferry.
Riding the ferry to the Apostle Islands

We unfortunately had to come back in the middle of our vacation for a funeral for Great Grandma Brown. She was well known in the community, was a great person and is going to be heavily missed.

Back home:
I thought Lyla looked so cute in these Pj's. Here she is dancing to the music on the TV.
Close up!

Looking like a big girl in my Pj's

We went a family friend's (Auntie Kristi's sister) wedding on Friday. The wedding was outside in the Rotary Gardens in Janesville. They couldn't of had a more beautiful day.
Walking with Daddy in my fun sunglasses
Family picture
Lyla loved dancing at the reception. I couldn't get her off the dance floor! When we came back to the table for a break, she cried and pulled me back to dance!
Picture with Auntie Kristi and momma
Playing with Grandma Knox

Picture without Lyla? Doesn't happen often!

Have a great week!