Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hayden's 15 month Appointment

Last week we had Hayden's 15 month appointment. Hayden weighs 22.2 lbs and is 30.25 ft long. She is in the 40 percentile for both height and weight and is a healthy little girl.

The last couple of weeks, we have really seen an increase in her vocabulary.. At 14 months she started to say "up" and "baby."  At 15 months, she started to say "puppy" and "stinky" along with 2 word sentences like "hi baby" while looking at herself in the mirror and "bye Ella."  Last week she started to finish Lyla's sentence, ready, set "go", along with "mine" and "Bailey" and "Buddy" for dogs she is around.

She loves to copy whatever Lyla is up to like dancing and twirling in the kitchen, playing babies and whatever Lyla doesn't want her to be doing.  They are good playmates and I'm looking forward to seeing how they get naughty together!

Hayden is such a happy little girl that is not afraid to tell you what she wants. We continue to look forward to seeing what kind of girl she will turn out to be!

I just had to include a picture of the girls with daddy.  This is their favorite time of night, having daddy carry them upstairs to get ready for bed!

Happy Belated Halloween

I forgot to share our Halloween pictures from this year.  Lyla ended up being Batgirl and Hayden was a Packer Cheerleader.  I even joined in and was an 80's girl.  My office always dresses up so I always need to try and be creative every year. My mom helped put together Lyla's costume by making the bat symbol and ironing it to her shirt.  I'm glad I had someone creative in my family!

Enjoy the pictures!

Packer Cheerleader