Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, July 22, 2012

LaCrosse Friend Get Together

Last Sunday, we got together with our old roommies and their families for a LaX get together.  The kids had a great time playing in the sprinklers and the parents enjoyed catching up!

Here's some of the bunch
Close up

Hayden and her buddy Hailee playing
Lyla and Jonathan washing the table

Happy 1st Birthday Hayden Jean!

Hayden turned 1 last Monday! I can't believe a year has already flown by. Hayden is such a sweet little girl who is turning into a monkey just like her sister and who let's you know when she wants attention!  You are Lyla's favorite playmate and I can't wait to see what this year brings us.  We love you Hayden Jean!

 We had a great birthday party last weekend and thank you to every who was able to make it. You definitely made it a special day for Hayden.

Birthday Girl!
Hayden's Birthday Guests:

Momma and her girls
Opening presents
Hayden's beautiful cake
I'm ready to eat cake!
Hayden didn't even get messy when she ate her cake.  She started by sticking her finger in the frosting and tasting her first sugary treat and after a while got both hands in the cake but never made a mess!
Just giving the frosting a little try
Chasing my kitty toy

After the party, Hayden decided to get in the bathroom and start unrolling the toliet paper.  Luckily I caught her before the whole roll was on the floor!
Lyla pushing me around
I have been slowing packing up a lot of Lyla's and Hayden's old toys and clothes to get brought out to my brother and his wife in CO. They are due in August with a baby girl and we are so excited that another girl will get to wear all their clothes they grow out of! 
Hayden and Lyla were helping me take down the activity center. 

On Hayden's birthday, I took a half day off of work to spend the day with my girls to make the day special for Hayden.  We ended up going to the Children's Museum to play since it was so hot out.  The girls had a great time!
 Who's flying the space shuttle?
 Birthday girl!
Lyla had a great time painting, going down the slide and just running around.  What she tells me is "momma, I'm getting my energies out!"
 Hayden's new princess chair

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back from Florida

We made it back from FL after 5 nights away from the girls. My coworker Michelle got married and we decided to have a little vacation as well.  Matt and I visited my good friend Stacey and her family for a day, went to the Tampa Bay Rays game, spent a couple days on the beach, ate great dinners and just relaxed.

Andrea, me and Michelle...we all work together
Ready for the beach wedding
Wedding reception

The girls were just wonderful for my parents while we were gone.  Even though the weather was too hot to play outside, they kept the girls busy and entertained by doing a variety of things.  My dad took Lyla to the small airport by their house to watch planes and she even got to sit in one, they took the girls to the Discovery Center, played in the play area in the mall and also had Lyla help by doing small chores around the house like watering plants, picking up sticks and doing dishes...her choice.  Hayden also decided she wanted to start walking everywhere instead of crawl!  She was walking 5+ steps at a time before we left but now she practically walks everywhere!

Just standing up like a pro!
 Eating ice cream
 Hayden just loves Lyla's rocking chair in her room.  Anytime I follow her upstairs, she jets to Lyla's room, takes off all of her stuffed animals on the chair and just sits and tries to rock in it.  This chair was my  Grandma Rex's when she was a little girl so it's very special to us!

Hayden thought it was hilarious putting things on her head one night.
Then Lyla had to follow suit and do the same!
Walking around like it's old news!
Hayden has also starting adding more words to her vocabulary.  She now says "baby" and "Ella" and I believe she has started to say "Lyla."  Dada will come some day!

We are getting ready for Hayden's 1st birthday party next weekend.  How can my little baby already be turning 1!  I just wish they would stay little forever!

Matt's new garage

Matt finally got his new garage a few weeks ago that he has wanted since we have moved in. Even though we had a 3 car garage, it wasn't enough with all of our toys and stuff that crowded it.  Now he has the chore to get everything moved in the new garage to straighten out and clean the old one!  I have a feeling this will become his "man cave" once the girls get a little older too!

Lyla's 3 year and Hayden's 10 month pictures!