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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Lyla Marie

We now have a big 1 year old!

Lyla's birthday party was fun and she did great the whole day!

  • Cake time: I thought Lyla was going to jump right in and make a mess of her cake. Nope! She put her fingers in and didn't take a bite for a while. This is funny since everything goes in her mouth! I mean everything!
  • Presents: Lyla got lots of cute clothes for summer and fun toys as well. I need to take a few downstairs so she can play with a few at a time and not want to play with all of them at the same time!
  • Company: we had great company for her birthday party and thank you for everyone that could make it! You made it a special day for Lyla!

Opening presents on my birthday

Touchdown Daddy!
I'm a rock star!
Lyla's birthday party with my friends Nicole, Mandy and her son Jonathan
Lyla's very own smash cake!
I ordered Lyla's first birthday cake from my family and friend's favorite cake lady Cindy. She makes the best cakes and I had to make sure Lyla's first was going to be the best! Cindy said she had to make Lyla her very own smash cake and it was so cute!

Here is Lyla eating her cake....or playing with it
Hmm....what is this?
This isn't too bad
Look mom, I'm not even that messy
This is fun
Picture moment with mom and dad
Lyla's Pooh cake

Lyla's guests

Grandma and Great Aunt Barb
Lyla's new friend Lexi
I love my new swing and dog
I really love my farm!
Being cute with daddy
One last smile with momma

Lyla's new thing is to walk to the stairs and sit on the first or second step. Here she decided that she needed to read daddy's new magazine...Cabela's!
Have a great week!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Almost 1

Lyla is going to turn the big number 1 on Wednesday! How can she already be 1 year old? It just seems like yesterday when she rolled over for the first time, smiled at mom and dad, started to crawl, started jabbering, took her first steps..... We are so excited for her to keep growing, changing and impressing mom and dad like no one can believe!

Since my last post I said Lyla started walking. For the last couple weeks, all she does is walk! If she tumbles over, she will get back up and go! No more crawling for her. She is also very fearless. She will get off furniture by herself (going backwards mind you) like it's no big deal. Even though she can go downstairs backwards as well, she likes to test the limits and try and walk down them like mom and dad!

Lyla is also finally teething! She got her first tooth last week! Now I can finally say she IS teething.

That's it from us! Enjoy the pictures and we will have more for the little birthday girl soon!

Having fun in mom and dad's hamper

Dad, I don't drink Miller yet!

Walking around in mom's boots

Riding the 4 wheeler for the first time!

Playing in my basket of toys!