Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who is Lyla Marie Brown?

Since many of you don't see Lyla on a daily/weekly basis, I decided to give everyone a snapshot of who little Lyla is since she has been 1 year old.

  • Words she says: "dada", "daddy", "mama", "ba" for objects she points at, "lala" for Lyla and Ella we think, "na na" for night night, "hi", and "ma" for more. Of course she has a lot of other words in there but I don't know what they are yet!
  • 2 word sentence: Matt called on the phone last Friday and I said to Lyla, say "hi daddy" and she did! She said it twice so I know it wasn't a fluke. Too cute!
  • Tantrums: We have a little girl that likes to throw tantrums already. If she didn't get her way, she will start crying, lay down on the floor and sometimes hits her head or pounds her feet on the floor. A little early for this aren't we?
  • "No": She also doesn't like to be told no. What child does? At first she would start crying but now she just looks at us like she doesn't care! Of course this depends on her mood. She knows when she shouldn't go somewhere or touch something so when she hears the word "no" she typically will jump a little and look at you with a smile.
  • Kisses: She has been throwing goodbye kisses for a while but she has been giving kisses too. As long as we make her kiss sound like "ma", she may give you a kiss on the cheek if you are lucky!
  • Teeth: Lyla still just has 3 teeth (2 on the bottom and 1 on top). Someday she will get a matching top tooth!
  • Food: Lyla is a good little eater. She typically eats whatever we are having. She likes veggies like peas and green beans and just loves fruit like peaches and applesauce. She's really big into french fries too. That's her mom's favorite! Even with 3 teeth, she can gum a lot of food!
  • Mom's little helper: Lyla is already a clean little girl. She knows when something is out of place and will point to it and talk (Like when dad keeps the kitchen cabinet doors open). She also knows where most things go. She might take something and play with it but then she will put it back when she's done! Let's hope this continues!
  • Miss Independent: She definitely has a mind of her own. When she wants to do something, she will let you know!
  • Shoes: I think we already have a shoe fetish on own hands. She just loves shoes! Every time we go up to her room, she will open her closet door on her own and grab as many shoes as she can and walk around with them. She will also grab Matt's and my shoes (matching mind you) and try to put them on. She loves my heels!
  • Active: She is a very active girl. She is into everything and doesn't want to sit still. Maybe that's why I'm so tired today!

Well there's a little update on Lyla and what type of little girl she is. She is such a blessing to our family and we couldn't be any happier!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What has Lyla been up to?

We went to the zoo 2 weekends ago for the first time! Lyla saw many animals like giraffe, monkeys, rhinos, tigers, and bears oh my! She was really interested in seeing the animals too. She even had a little conversation with the bison since they were up close to listen. She can talk a big talk!

Getting ready for the zoo

Looking cute in my sunglasses

I even kept my sunglasses and bow in the whole day!

Come on dad! Let's hurry to see the giraffe

Lyla's new thing starting last week was climbing on everything! Did I say Everything? She loves to get up on chairs, couches, her toys and anything that will make her taller. She was climbing in the pop up last weekend when we were camping. She was going from the floor, to the area where the table is, to the bed. She definitely amazes me how quick she can climb up on something too. I heard she maybe following in some one's footsteps too??? Let's hope she doesn't try to climb out of her crib or I won't be sleeping too soundly anymore.

Playing on my toy!

Life is rough

Lyla went swimming for the first time a couple weekends ago. We went to a lake so Ella could swim too. Lyla watched Ella the whole time and we helped her get deeper and deeper in the water. She even had the water up to her chest! We also went swimming last weekend and she really did well then. We may have two girls that love to swim.

Looking cute in my swim gear
We went camping for the first time this year over Memorial Day weekend. It was nice to get out and do something away from home. Lyla decided not to go to bed too early (probably around 9:00ish) b/c it was still light out and then wanted to get up around 5 a.m. b/c the sun was shining in. To say the least, we didn't get a lot of sleep but it was still fun to go.
Hanging out with Ella on her bed (which Lyla climbed up to)

Lounging in my own camping chair
This weekend we stayed close to home. We think Lyla may have allergies b/c her eyes have been pink for over 1 week. We took her to the doctor and they said it wasn't pink eye. Her eyes looked very good yesterday (since we were in all day Friday and most of Saturday) until we went out that night to Matt's cousin's graduation party. I'm hoping she doesn't have allergies but I don't know what else it could be.
Well I'm off to be productive. I see I have a lot of weeds coming in but not sure if I feel THAT productive!