Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Almost 11 months and already walking!

Yes you saw it right, Lyla is walking! She was taking 1-2 steps at a time a couple weeks ago but on Valentine's Day, she started walking 5+ steps at a time. Grandma Knox was there to witness her first steps on her own but Grandma and Grandpa Brown also saw her a little later. Now I think bumps and bruises will be around for a while!

Grandma Knox came to visit last weekend! My parents are winter birds and travel to Arizona Jan-March. My mom couldn't go without seeing Lyla for 3 months so she got good plane tickets to make this one of her stops. We were happy to see her (and got some shopping done too)!

Grandma Knox and Lyla on Valentine's Day

Lyla continues to be a curious little girl and such a joy.

  • Last week I was vacuuming the first floor and she followed right behind me with her shopping cart. I couldn't turn around without running into her. I truly think she thought she was helping me vacuum. It was so cute! I laughed the whole time!

  • I always put one of her pacifiers in her car seat along with her blanket, bunny and jacket. She just figured out that her pacifier is always in there and continues to take everything out of the car seat to get it.

  • When she hears any music she likes, she will start dancing. She will just start smiling, bob her head and start dancing. I will have to get this on video!

I love my giraffe!
I finally took pictures of the house! Sorry for the long delay.

Front of our house

Backyard...if you look really closely you can see a deer. It's funny that it stays in the same spot!

We do actually have deer that come right to the house every night! Lyla likes to babble to them and Ella barks. We thought we had it good that we could see them at the other house but now we see them more. You know that makes Matt happy.

Living Room looking from the kitchen



Looking in from the foyer


Grandma Knox's OR Auntie Kristi's bedroom (it depends who is here for the weekend)

The upstairs is not easy to take pictures of but we have 3 bedrooms and the office. You will just have to come and see for yourself!

Matt and I just found a dining room table and china cabinet this weekend. It's supposed to come in the beginning of March but we will see. We just hope it's in by Lyla's 1st birthday party! Invites are getting sent out soon (as long as Lyla allows me some time).

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Survived!

We survived being away from Lyla for 5 days! Can you believe it? Matt and I went to Cancun for 5 days and we did okay being away from her for the first time. I hit my numbers again last year at work and we were able to go again. You are pampered all week so it's hard not to go! I've only had one overnight away from her since she was born so you can see how nervous I was to be away from her. She was in great hand with Grandma and Grandpa Brown though and they had a great time playing with her all week. We called her everyday so I could hear her jabbering to make myself feel like she wasn't so far away!

Lyla is now 10 1/2 months old! She is creeping closer and closer to her 1 year birthday! She continues to improve on standing up on her own but no walking yet. I know I keep saying she will walk any day but I think when she does figure it out, she will probably be running! Look out! She still has no teeth but we think she may be teething now. We will have to wait and see!

Below are some of her recent pictures.

Looking cute in my hat

Lyla texting her friends

I love my shopping cart!
Laying on Ella
Lyla went sledding for the first time this weekend. Uncle Mike and Aunt Nikki got her a sled for Christmas and we finally got her out. She loved it!

Wearing my pretty snow pants

I don't like my winter gear!

Outside with dad and getting ready to go sledding
Out for a sled ride
Lyla had a little play date this weekend as well with her friend Jonathan. They starred at each other for a while but finally started to warm up and play.

Hanging on the chair with my friend Jonathan
Sharing my toys

Hope you enjoy the videos!

Lyla sledding

Lyla climbing stairs