Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hayden's 15 month Appointment

Last week we had Hayden's 15 month appointment. Hayden weighs 22.2 lbs and is 30.25 ft long. She is in the 40 percentile for both height and weight and is a healthy little girl.

The last couple of weeks, we have really seen an increase in her vocabulary.. At 14 months she started to say "up" and "baby."  At 15 months, she started to say "puppy" and "stinky" along with 2 word sentences like "hi baby" while looking at herself in the mirror and "bye Ella."  Last week she started to finish Lyla's sentence, ready, set "go", along with "mine" and "Bailey" and "Buddy" for dogs she is around.

She loves to copy whatever Lyla is up to like dancing and twirling in the kitchen, playing babies and whatever Lyla doesn't want her to be doing.  They are good playmates and I'm looking forward to seeing how they get naughty together!

Hayden is such a happy little girl that is not afraid to tell you what she wants. We continue to look forward to seeing what kind of girl she will turn out to be!

I just had to include a picture of the girls with daddy.  This is their favorite time of night, having daddy carry them upstairs to get ready for bed!

Happy Belated Halloween

I forgot to share our Halloween pictures from this year.  Lyla ended up being Batgirl and Hayden was a Packer Cheerleader.  I even joined in and was an 80's girl.  My office always dresses up so I always need to try and be creative every year. My mom helped put together Lyla's costume by making the bat symbol and ironing it to her shirt.  I'm glad I had someone creative in my family!

Enjoy the pictures!

Packer Cheerleader

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch last weekend!  This pumpkin patch reminds me of Edward's Apple Orchard where there is a lot for the kids to do instead of just doing the one thing you went there for.  We walked over tractor wheels, went down slides, went through tunnels, rode mini tractors, went on a hayride and picked out pumpkins.  Now this will be a yearly trip we go on in the Fall!  They even have kid and adult corn mazes so that might be something we do one of these years.

We carved our pumpkins this weekend.  Hayden didn't want anything to do with the pumpkin's insides but Lyla was digging right in, taking out all the seeds.  I'm excited to see the girls trick or treat this year, as I think Hayden will get a kick out of following Lyla around, getting candy at everyone's house.  I will keep you updated in the next post!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

We continue to keep busy with many things to do and not long enough weekends.  This afternoon we are on our way to a pumpkin patch and corn maze so hopefully the girls have a good time!

Badger girls

The girls and I had fun last Friday making leaf piles to jump in.  Hayden wasn't too sure what we were up to but Lyla wasn't afraid to pick her up and have her jump in with her!

Action shot
Hayden cracks us up on where she decides to crawl into.  What a happy girl!
Hayden's new thing is this lovely smile!  I put the camera up and say smile and this is what I get!  Too funny.

I had to also show this picture of Hayden.  I was taking a picture of the girl's toys finally organized and Hayden turned around and gave me this smile! Gotta love it!

Devils Lake Weekend

We had another great weekend with family and friends at Devil's Lake this year. We missed a couple key players this trip, aka my cousin Jody and her family, but we still kept busy and had a great time. This year it was pretty cold but we managed to stay warm in our winter jackets, campfires and going on hikes!

Hiking with the Knox's, Heaton's and Brown's.

We had beautiful colors this year and I think we made it right at peak.
The kids also had a good time playing at the playground right in the campground.  The sisters loved going down the slide together!

This year with it being so cold, a family friend decided to rent a pavilion where we could play and stay warm during the day.  We have such a big group who comes and we are so spread out in the campground, it's hard to see everyone.  The kids played and did crafts and the adults played cards and we even had our potluck dinner.

Kristi Rae and me
All bundled up
The kids had a great time chasing each other and this was the best picture I managed to get to get at least 4 of them (Colin, Clay, Lyla and Bryce)
Leaf pile!
Sitting on daddy's shoulders...gotta love that smile
The crew
Way up high!
Best buddies...Lyla with cousin Colin
Matt, Lyla, Colin, Ella, Megan, Taylor (under the blanket), Brett and Hayden (sleeping away on his back)!

This weekend always goes by way to quickly but it's something all of us looks forward to every year.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Trip to the Apple Orchard

The girls and I went down to IL for a short trip this weekend to see Uncle Brett. He was in town for a wedding so we made sure to come down to see him for a little bit. We went to the Apple Orchard where the girls played on the trackers, saw the animals and ate delicious cider donuts. It never gets old!

Lyla is trying to get over her cold which never seems to go away. First she got a touch of pink eye and now is on more medicine to try and get rid of this.  Hayden seemed like she was coming down with something yesterday and today she still has a fever off and on.  I hope she isn't getting what Lyla has!

Wish us luck on getting healthy over here. Enjoy the pictures!

I had to include a picture of Hayden and Lyla last year at the Apple Orchard
Oh how they have changed!

Did you know Lyla liked to drive the tractors??

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fair Fun

We had a great time at the Boone County Fair a couple weekends ago. Lyla got to ride the ponies, pet the goats with Auntie Kristi, ride some trackers, ride some rides and eat great fair food.  We had perfect weather so we couldn't ask for anything more! Enjoy the pictures.

Riding the ponies with Grandpa
I like pink tractors!

This goat likes me!
Why are we not moving?
Feeding the goats
Why is this sheep trying to kiss me?
Lyla feeding Hayden her ice cream cone

Lyla got her face painted
I'm going to catch you!
Hanging out with daddy

Last weekend Matt and I went to Dixon, IL to see Mumford and Sons while Grandma and Grandpa Brown watched the girls.  The tickets were sold out but Matt managed to find some online, head to Wausau to pick them up and surprise me for my birthday!  What a great birthday present!  We had a great time and hope they come back somewhere close next year.