Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lyla's Birthday Party

Lyla's 2nd Birthday Here are pictures of Lyla's actual birthday. I wanted to wait until daddy came home to open presents but this little girl couldn't wait! Right when we got home she started unwrapping her first gift and was ready to open the big one right afterwards. Lyla just loves her new Dora backpack from Uncle Mike and Aunt Nikki
Still rolling around my backpack!

Lyla's Birthday Bash!

Lyla had a great birthday party on Saturday. We had family and friends over to celebrate Lyla's special day and it was a great day. Thank you everyone that came and thank you for all of Lyla's great gifts.

This pretty much sums up how she unwrapped her presents!

Taking my shoes off so I can put on my new shoes from Grandma Brown and then Auntie Kristi
Unwrapping presents with buddy Natalie. Natalie is Lyla's friend from daycare. Walking around in princess shoes with Natalie

Cake time

Momma attempted to make a cake for Lyla's 2nd birthday and now I know why bakeries are in business! I attempted a new frosting I found online and it was terrible (maybe I should have tried it before I started to put it on the cake)! So needless to say, Matt ran to the grocery store right before the party to pick us up a cake!

Wondering why everyone is looking at me and singing!
Blowing out my candle

Let's see how much I can put in my mouth at once
Family picture
Grandma and Grandpa Brown
Auntie Kristi even came from Chicago to celebrate with Lyla
Playing dress-up Hope you enjoyed the many pictures from Lyla's birthday. Have a great week!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Lyla Marie!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl! You might only be 2, but we are so amazed at who you have become already. You are still a mover and a shaker like you were when you were born and are continuing to grow into a beautiful little girl everyday. I love your "luv you" every night, kisses on the cheek when you want to give them and running to give momma a hug goodbye when I drop you off at daycare. Your momma and daddy love you so much!

Matt was out of town this week in St. Louis for week and planned on coming home tonight to spend Lyla's 2nd birthday with the family. He ended up having a couple cancelations/delays and is stuck in Milwaukee tonight. Daddy might be bummed that he missed seeing his little girl on her birthday but we have "birthday weeks" so we have plenty of days to celebrate together!

We are celebrating Lyla's birthday this weekend with family and friends. It's a Minnie Mouse themed party b/c she can't get enough Mickey Mouse! Our typical Saturday and Sunday mornings are her sitting on daddy's lap with her sippy cup and cheerios and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I think that's daddy's favorite part of the weekend too!

We are going to be a little delayed on Lyla's 2 year old pictures. We were going to get them taken last weekend but she had a little daycare accident with her buddy Cole and ended up getting a couple scratches under her eye. Even though we are having another girl, I think she has a brother at daycare! We will have her pictures taken after we get back from Arizona (which we leave in a few days)! We are excited for warm weather and getting out of this unseasonably cold weather in WI!

I will hopefully be able to update with pictures this weekend in between cleaning up and packing. Happy Birthday Lyla!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Verdict is out....

We are having a Girl!

The tech said she was 90% sure it was a girl so it looks pretty promising. Now Matt is going to have a houseful of girls!