Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Still warming up

We are still warming up after our weekend at Devil's Lake. I think it has been the coldest weekend I can remember. The last 2 years have been really hot so we didn't hike a lot but this year was really cold and again we didn't hike a lot! This year Matt and I missed out on hiking with the big group b/c of Lyla's sleeping/eating schedule but we did manage to get in one big hike and a couple small ones to the lake.

Lyla is cuddled up with momma in her Bjorn. She had layers of clothes on and she also kept mom warm too! Every time we passed someone on the trail they smiled at Lyla and loved her bear jacket. They would say "I didn't think there were bears in these woods!"
Family picture

Piggyback ride with dad

A cute family picture of my cousin Jody and her husband Jeff and 3 month daughter Anne.

We moved our traditional potluck this year to a shelter so we could get out of the cold. Part of the group came early and put up tarps to keep us even warmer!

We still had a big group and lots of food too!

Lyla just had her 6 month checkup and she is now 16 pounds and 4 oz and 26 inches long . She is in the 60% for both weight and height. Her doctor still hears her heart murmur but our appointment with the UW Children's Hospital is not until the beginning of December.
Lyla is also dealing with a cold so she has been pretty plugged up lately. I feel so bad for her when she is eating or sleeping b/c it seems like she is trying so hard to breath through her nose. I'm hoping she will get over this soon.
Other Lyla updates, she started to crawl! After I posted the last blog, she started to crawl the very next day! Now with her crawling, I definitely can't get anything done around the house! I thought it might take her a little while to start crawling quickly but that's not the case. She's in the next room before I know it!
I put Lyla down for a nap before we headed off to Devil's Lake. I heard her talking 30 minutes later and I walked in her room and saw her like this. Not only has she just started to crawl but now she able to pull herself up to a stand! She is a busy little girl!

Lyla's first meal in her new highchair. It is so much easier to feed her in this compared to her Bumbo where she tries to stretch and get out of.

I love my activity center!
Close up!

Other news on our end, we got an accepted off on our house! We are officially moving November 9th! I'm so happy we got our new house but I'm not looking forward to packing. It took us a while to pack and move when we just had an apartment but now we have a house we lived in for 4 1/2 years and a baby to add to the mix. And the packing begins!
That's it from us. Have a great weekend!