Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What has happened since April?

As my blog writing is winding to an end, I wanted to put a few updates in here on what we have been up to since my last post in April.  After the girls have their dr's appointments at the end of this month, I plan on posting updates on them so they know what they were up to at ages 4 and 2!  I enjoyed putting this blog together to update family on what we have been up to and also for my girls to have an extension of their baby books.  With our busy schedules, it's been hard to keep up with posting updates and pictures so I will probably just update Facebook instead.  Thank you for reading for the past 4 years!

Here are a few pictures...

Ready for laundry??
The girls helping daddy and Grandpa shoveling dirt

The girls hard at work

Helping Grandma take off the wallpaper

Silly girl!

Hayden laughing at Ella

I finally got Hayden's hair in pigtails!!

Hayden's 2nd Birthday!
We just celebrated Hayden's 2nd Birthday this weekend with family and friends.  We celebrated her birthday a little later since we were in CO and then at a wedding the weekend after we came back.  Every time you would ask her if it was her birthday, she would just shake her head yes!  A couple weeks before, she said she was turning 10 but then she changed it to 2 later on!  She is such a silly girl! Hayden got a lot of great gifts and had great company to celebrate her birthday.  Thank you to everyone who could make it a even more special day for her!

Birthday Girl!

Opening her presents on her birthday

Loves her new Tinker Bell doll

Daddy and his girls

Natalie, Benjamin and Lyla helping Hayden open her presents

Minnie Mouse birthday cake

I'm 2!

Trip to CO!
We had a wonderful trip to CO this summer to visit my brother and his family.  We are godparents to Taylor, our niece, so we went for her baptism and then stayed up in the mountains for a week.  My sister-in-law found a great condo in Winter Park that was just amazing for 10 of us to stay (Brett's family, my family and my parents).  It was a 4 story place that had 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, huge kitchen, 2 family rooms, hot tub and enough space for all of us to stretch out! The kids had such a blast playing together all week as well.  Lyla 4, Colin 3, Hayden 2, Taylor (almost 1) got along so well and really enjoyed having new playmates.  I'm already looking forward to Devil's Lake weekend to get together and play once again!

We spent the week sightseeing, saw Red Rocks (something I've wanted to see for a long time), went to Rocky Mountain National Park, visited a few ski towns, swimming and just relaxing.  On the way back to Brett's house, we even stopped by Gunsmoke (American Guns TV show), met the owner and even got a picture! It was hard leaving the great weather and company to go back to work!

4th of July Family Picture

All the grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa

Taylor's baptism

Rocky Mountains

The Knox's at Rocky Mountain

in front of the elk

sooo close to the snow

The girls playing with snow in July!

The girls playing on the rocks

Family picture on top of the mountain

The whole crew

Lunch time!

Daddy fishing and the girls swimming

Daddy and his girls on their first gondola ride

Still all smiles on the gondola

Ice cream break!

Condo we stayed in


All the cousins playing

Summer continued...
We continue to have a busy rest of the summer but I'm looking forward to it!  I'm not sure what weekend we will actually just be home and have no plans but at least we will be busy seeing friends, going to the fair, running in Dirty Girl (with my college friends) and then getting ready for Lyla to go to 4K in the Fall.  I just realized this will the first year I need to go back to school shopping!  It's going to be a hard "first day at school" for me!

That's it from us for now.  I will update on the girls in a few weeks!