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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lyla's First Vacation

We made it to Virginia and back for Lyla's first vacation! We decided to drive out instead of fly since we had so much stuff to bring. Lyla was a trooper and did great in the car for the 12+ hour trip. So it's supposed to take 12 hours but it takes us practically 2 days to get there and the same back! Having Lyla on a 3-3 1/2 hour schedule means lots of stopping to feed and change diapers. We had 2 blowouts on the way out but nothing the rest of the trip! What a good baby!
The first event was Brett's and Megan's wedding. Lyla didn't make a peep during the whole ceremony! Lyla got to do the $1 dollar dance with Uncle Brett to polka music. She patiently held her dollar and waited her turn for the special dance. Of course mom had to miss it! Brett and Megan had a beautiful wedding and I'm so glad I now have a sister!

We then toured Washington DC for a couple of days. We saw the Arlington Ceremony, Lincoln, Korean War, Vietnam, WWII, and Washington Memorials, White House, and US Capital. We also toured the Natural History and Air and Space Smithsonian's. Everything was just amazing! It's nice to now say we have seen a lot of DC but there is definitely a lot more to do! We will have to make another trip out when Lyla is older.
US Capital

Korean War Memorial

We also made a trip out to Mt Vernon for the day to see George Washington's estate. On the way back home we stopped at Gettysburg to see the battlefields and brush up on even more history! We couldn't spend a lot of time there either so that will be another stop in the future. We stayed overnight in Cleveland, OH and decided to see the city before heading home. We saw the Rock 'n Roll Hall of fame which Lyla had to rock out her sunglasses for. We also saw Lake Erie. Too bad we couldn't get close enough to dip Lyla's toes in so she could say she was in Lake Erie! So all in all, we had a great vacation and saw a lot. Don't worry, I took a lot of pictures so Lyla can remember what we did!

Cleveland Skyline
Lake Erie

Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to all! We will have another busy week getting ready to head to Virgina for my brother's wedding. I've already started to pack and make a list of things to remember. We will see how many trips to the store we will need to do while we are gone!

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the UW Children's Hospital checking up on Lyla's heart murmur. At her 2 month appointment our doctor still heard it. Tomorrow we will see if it is something to worry about or if we just need to keep an eye on it.

For my brother's wedding, I picked up 2 dresses for Lyla that I couldn't pick between. I had her try them on (or should I say I put them on her) and took pictures. The picture above shows the dress she picked out. The picture below shows the dress she didn't like. I guess that was a easy pick for me! She has been having blow outs lately so now I'm second guessing taking the other dress back! Let's cross our fingers she makes it through the day! Last weekend we were going to Matt's cousin's graduation party and we had to change her outfit before we even stepped in the door! Cross your fingers for us!

Have a great couple of weeks!