Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, June 3, 2012

We are here and some updates on Lyla

We have been keeping busy with the beginning of summer here at last!  I feel every weekend has been booked with something to do and it doesn't look like it will be ending anytime soon.  Not only have our weekends been busy, but Matt and I have been quite busy at work which seems like one of us is gone every week!  We have a few more weeks with that going on too!

The girls and I went back to IL a few weekends ago to see my cousin Jody and her 2 kids.  Lyla of course was shy right away but warmed up and then became best friends with Anne!  She didn't want her to go!

We have gotten the sprinkler out for Lyla since it has been so beautiful out.  She just loves it too!  I think we will either be swimming or using the sprinkler as much as we can this summer!

Lyla loves her new sunglasses I got her.  If you can also notice how long her hair is in this picture!  I haven't cut her hair in a while and decided that she needed one this weekend.  I think I did a decent job too!  At least I haven't seen any big mistakes yet!

New haircut!

We went to the lake today for Ella to go swimming and for Lyla to try out her new Buzz Lightyear fishing pole!  She caught 3 fish too (2 large mouth bass and a bluegill).  She even touched the worms and helped by putting the fish back in the water.  What a brave girl!  She loves spending time with her daddy!
Lyla and her bluegill

Lyla and her large mouth bass!

Keeping reading to gain updates on Hayden!

All About Hayden Jean

Hayden has been keeping us busy lately.  She has been walking around while holding onto the furniture, her shopping cart or anything she can get her hands on to for a few weeks now.  Also, she has been standing all by herself and continues to show us that she will be walking soon.  She took a couple steps in front of daddy and Grandma Brown last weekend so we know it's coming very soon!

She said her first word "mama" and continues to say it constantly.  I was excited (as with much practicing with her) that her first work was "mama" as Lyla said "dada" first!  She lately has been saying "dada" and "gaga" along with a lot of other "talking" which is fun to hear.

She loves going for walks in her stroller too.  She just laughs the whole time as she watches Ella and Lyla.  She seems like she is an outdoor girl just like Lyla too.  Whenever we have the front door open, she just stands there and looks outside.
Mother's Day picture!

We also had fun with Hayden catching the chickenpox a couple weeks ago!  On Friday May 18th, I noticed a few bumps on her head.  I ended up going out of town for a girls weekend that night and she woke up Saturday morning with bumps all over.  Matt took her to urgent care and ended up in the emergency room since she had a fever and was contagious.  She was pretty crabby all weekend for Matt but started to feel better on Sunday night.  Luckily, my mom came to watch her for 3 days so I didn't have to miss a whole week of work because Matt was out of town as well.  She was a lifesaver!  I took pictures of her everyday to see how she progressed.  She actually hardly scratched which was wonderful!  She still has a few bumps on her head but they are disappearing everyday.  We still have no idea how she caught this virus but I'm just glad that Lyla has not!  I have included a few pictures below on how she progressed through the week.

 When daddy came home on Friday, Hayden just wanted to cuddle with daddy.  Then 5 minutes later she just started bawling!  Maybe she was just upset with daddy leaving her for a week!
 Sister picture

Love my stroller!

Hayden in her pink kitty towel

Hayden also just figured out how to climb over the gate today!  She is a little monkey like Lyla!  Now we will have to think of something else to block her from the stairs!

That's it from the Brown's for now!