Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hayden is 9 months old!

Hayden turned 9 months old last week!  She continues to be a busy little girl crawling and pulling herself on everything, exploring the house and getting into things she shouldn't.  I feel it's been so long since I had to close the bathroom door, block the stairs, lock the cabinet doors, block Ella's food and such from Lyla and now we are back to that stage all over again with Hayden. At least we have a little helper that will let me know where Hayden is at all times!

Hayden's 9 month appointment went well on Friday.  She weighs 17 lbs 8 oz and is between 25-50%.  I completely forgot to write down her length so I will have to get back to on that but I know she was between 25-50% for length as well.  She is a healthy little girl!

Matt was gone last week turkey hunting a few hours away.  He was packing last weekend and Lyla was really interested in what he had. She had to dress up just like daddy!  Do you think we have a little hunter on our hands?

Where's Lyla??

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

It's been a week of sick Brown's! We think Lyla caught what Hayden had a week ago by having a high fever and not feeling well. Now it looks like we are on the mend and I hope it stays that way!

Matt and I had a great time being the Easter Bunny this year by hiding Easter Eggs and toys around the basement. Lyla loved trying to find all the eggs and other presents and was great at sharing her eggs with Hayden as well. Lyla and Hayden were also spoiled by their great aunts and grandma with getting even more Easter presents!

Lyla loving Ella

Too tired
Wearing daddy's hat

Brewer Girls

PJ girls with their Easter basket

Hayden's first Easter basket

Family picture on Easter

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pictures of Haydee

I couldn't forget some updated pictures of Haydee over the last couple of weeks.

Our Sleeping girl
It's funny to see the differences between the girls on even little everyday things. When Lyla figured out how to roll over, she was a tummy sleeper but Hayden is a side sleeper.

Hayden's first lawn mower ride!
Daddy and his is he going to drive the mower if both girls want to ride??

After Hayden started to crawl, 1 week later she learned how to pull herself up. The first thing she learned on was the it's everything! She even tries to crawl up the stairs!

Standing up and playing with my toy!

Not only does Lyla like her new tent and tunnel, Hayden does too! These girls are a riot watching them go through the tunnel and giggling away.

Happy 3rd Birthday Lyla Marie!

Lyla just turned 3 last weekend! She has developed so much since she was 2 and she continues to amaze us on the things she can do. I was just looking at her pictures from her 2nd birthday party and can't believe how much she has changed! How can my little baby girl be getting so big? Lyla is such a sweetheart and we just love how she tries to be a tomboy but still likes to wear dresses and skirts and play with babies. She may love her Packers, Badgers and Brewers but she does love her girly things too!

Since I was in Nashville on her birthday, Matt took Lyla to an arcade and amusement park to enjoy her day. Here she is jamming with her guitar.

Since she was a little over 2, she has been asking for a fishing pole and to go fishing with daddy. We told her she was too little last summer but could get it for her 3rd birthday. This girl does not forget either! At first she wanted a Mickey Mouse fishing pole, and then it changed to Cars and lastly Buzz Lightyear. Daddy even picked up a little pink tackle box for her!

Lyla's Birthday Party
Lyla had a great time at her birthday party this weekend. She loved all of her presents and we had great guests as well. Thank you to everyone who could make it!

Here is the sweet little birthday girl
Daddy and his girls

Posing in her new sunglasses

Dora Birthday cake

Family picture

Even Hayden had a playmate come: Hailee Kratz

All Lyla could talk about was Auntie Kristi coming to her birthday party. She had a great time playing with her this weekend too!

Auntie Kristi got Lyla a tent and tunnel and she just loves it! Of course if you buy it for her, you have to play in it too!