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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The girls pictures!

We finally got the girl's pictures taken this weekend for Lyla's 4 year and Hayden's 1 1/2 year (even though she is 20 months old now). I have included the best ones below. I can only get thumbnails so hopefully you can see them well enough! Enjoy!

To and From AZ

We just got back from vacation from AZ and want to turn around and go back!  We had an eventful vacation with seeing a lot of family (my parents, 2 sets of aunts and uncles: Jill and Jon and Kris and Jim; and 2 sets of cousins with their families: Jamie and Jody) and having beautiful weather.  Coming back to colder and rainy weather was not a pleasant return.  We kept busy from going to the park, seeing the Brewer's last spring training game in AZ, going to the science museum, riding the trolley in Scottsdale, celebrating Easter and doing an Easter egg hunt, walking around an old Western town, going to Organ Stop Pizza with the whole clan, along with swimming everyday!  We have little water bugs who just love to swim and jump in the pool.  They can't wait to take swim lessons this year!  All in all, we had a great vacation and can't wait to go back!

Now a 4 year old
Lyla opened up more presents on her birthday and got a real guitar, which you can tell she loves, clothes and a new Tinker Bell bike.  She has already crashed on her bike but it didn't scare her too bad to jump on and try again. I think she is also going to want guitar lessons some day!
Lyla also just went to her first dentist appointment this week and did a great job!  I was so proud of her, letting them clean her teeth and she listened to everything they needed her to do.  We also finally got the girls pictures taken, Lyla's 4 year pictures and Hayden's 1 1/2 year picture (a couple months behind) and they did great there too.  We have two great girls!
Daddy finds great presents when he is traveling for work!
Cool girls getting ready for vacation in their shades

Arizona pictures
Morning at the park

Hayden laying on needles at the science museum!

Climbing up the wall at the science museum

Walking around Scottsdale
We had a great Easter celebrating with all of our family with having lunch and doing an Easter egg hunt with the kids.  The kids had a blast trying to find all the eggs around my parents place and opening them up to find candy, fruit snacks, money, and bubbles!
Ready for the Easter egg hunt!

Sharing our candy
Easter family picture
Family picture with Grandma and Grandpa
Lock them up! In front of the jail at the old Western town
Lookin cute
I think we trapped a bird!
Ready to ride the train with Grandma and Grandpa
Train ride