Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lyla the big helper

I just wanted to send a quick video of Lyla this morning. She is a big helper and she loves taking care of Ella.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy Days

We continue to stay busy and find lots to do over the weekends.

On Mother's Day weekend, we had a friend from college wedding to go to on Saturday. We got to see all our college friends and it almost felt like old times...even after weddings, babies and more babies! My friend Stacey stayed over on Saturday with her son Mason. Lyla just loved following Mason around and playing. On Sunday, we had my parents and Matt's parents over for lunch so we didn't have to deal with the crowds. It was nice and relaxing; just what all of us needed. I got a nice card and gift card from Banana b/c Lyla knew how much I liked that store. I think she just wanted to go shopping!

Last weekend Matt was fishing with a friend so Lyla and I decided to go shopping. She is my little shopper. She did great the whole day and she even got clothes out of it too! Let's hope this continues!

It is going to be beautiful this weekend so we are taking Lyla to the zoo for the first time. I'm interested in what she will think with all the animals. Tomorrow it's supposed to be almost 90 so we will see how we handle the heat wave!

Swinging with my buddy Mason

Pulling pedals and trying to put them back on

I'm ready for Devil's Lake climbing the rocks!

Trying to put the pedals back on the flower

Laying on by buddy Ella like usual

I'm cool!

Isn't this how you are supposed to wear a hat?

Have a great weekend!