Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Saturday, July 24, 2010

16 months old today!

Lyla is 16 months old today! I thought this was a classic picture of her to celebrate! She loves to show us her belly button and she posed nicely for me.

It's been a couple weeks since my last post and need to update you on Lyla's 15 month appointment. She is 31 inches tall (60%) and 21 pounds 6 oz big (40%). She is still right on track so that's great!

Goddaughter's baptism:
Matt, Lyla and I went up to the Green Bay area for our goddaughter Allison's baptism. My friend Stacey came up from Florida to have her triplets confirmed. Here are her triplets (Allison, Tanner, Jasmine) along with Mason and Father John.

Allison, me, Matt and Lyla at the party afterwards!

Lyla's best buddy Natalie was along as well. Lyla and Natalie play during the week at our sitters and she was at the baptism too (her parents are godparents to Tanner). Of course I can't get any pictures of children looking at the camera!

Trip to IL:
Last weekend we made a trip back to IL to see my family. We finally got to meet our nephew Colin for the first time too!

My cousin's threw a party for my aunt and uncle's 60th birthday and my mom and I threw an Open House for Brett, Megan and Colin the following day. We got to see a lot family and friends!
Here is Lyla and Anne (my cousin Jody's daughter). They are only 3 months apart but this is as close as we could get them for a picture on the couch.
Lyla and Colin.

Lyla and Keira (my cousin Nick's daughter) played at the open house.

Great Uncle Jon with Lyla and Anne. Now they are warming up to each other.

More pictures of Lyla:
Showing off my teeth. I now have 7 and the 8th one is coming in shortly!

Smiling pretty

Playing dress up with my sunglasses and backpack

That's it from us! Enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Lyla and I went back to IL to visit family a couple weeks ago. I thought about it and I haven't been back since Christmas! Needless to say we tried to see as many people as we could.

Great Grandma Knox with Lyla and Alicia

Grandpa and Grandma Knox with Lyla

We had a relaxing Father's Day by staying home and spending time with family. My parents came up for the weekend so I could finally give my mom and Peggy their Mother's Day presents= pedicures! We had to get pampered for the day but I think it was well worth it! On Sunday, we got ice cream and a slush for Dad and went to the lake for Ella and Lyla to go swimming.

Lyla loving Ella once again!

Lyla continues to be a big helper around the house. She loves to be where you are and help with anything you are doing. She just loves mowing the grass with dad too! If dad starts the mower or 4 wheeler, you know she is ready to go for a ride! Good luck getting her off too!

Lounging on Dad's John Deere. Am I old enough to mow by myself?
We just went to the Milwaukee Zoo yesterday with a few of my college friends. We had a whole clan of kids! My friend Stacey who lives in Florida has 4 (3 triplets and her son Mason) and my friend Mandy has her son Jonathan (which Lyla has had play dates with). The kids did great and we had a great time seeing all the animals.

Mason giving Lyla a big hug

First time on a carousel with Daddy

The big clan at the zoo! 6 adults and 6 kids! I'm holding Allison Marie which is Matt's and my goddaughter. We will be going to the triplets baptism next weekend.
Big smile for the camera

Petting the goats. Mom, why aren't they as soft as Ella?

Big smile with momma

Today is the 4th of July and Matt and I plan on going to the Zac Brown Band and Dave Matthews Band tonight. Hopefully the rain holds off! Lyla and Ella are having a slumber party and Grandma and Grandpa Brown's tonight!
Have a great long weekend!