Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lyla's 2 year pictures

I realized I never updated Lyla's 2 year pictures on the blog. She did a great job and look some beautiful pictures.


33 weeks along

Here are some updates on the pregnancy of Baby Girl Brown. I'm already 33 weeks along and have around 7 weeks to go. I can't believe we will be welcoming a new addition to the family soon! I've been feeling pretty well overall, just more tired during the day, can't sleep well at night and starting to feel more uncomfortable as time goes. I've been lucky that it hasn't been a warm spring which helps the swelling of my feet and ankles. She has been an active one and likes to stretch out a lot. I'm carrying her pretty low so she hasn't been bothering my ribs but likes to push on my bladder a lot!

Here's some new baby bump pictures:

We are Nukers Free!

With everything else going in our life, Matt and I decided we needed to try and ween Lyla off of her Nuk (as we refer to as "Nukers"). I figured this was not going be an easy transition so I put it off a little longer than I wanted.
I actually started taking it away in the car as our routine is to give Lyla her Nuk and bunny. On the way to work she would sleep a lot of times and then it just became routine to always give it to her. The first couple of days were not fun as she didn't understand why she didn't have her Nuk but luckily with my new vehicle, we have a DVD player and we watched Mickey Mouse and Dora to distract her.
Then last Friday, right before nap time, I gathered up the Nuks in the house and had her say goodbye to all of them and put it in a box for the babies that needed them. She was okay with this and even closed the lid to the box but then asked for it when she was in her crib. She cried for 20 minutes and finally dozed off. When she woke up, she talked about how she gave her Nukers to the babies and she was a good girl!
I figured bedtime was going to be a disaster but she asked for it a couple of times and we talked about it again and she went right down with a fight. I was so proud of her! Every once in a while she will ask for it when she's really tired and we are not at home but she quickly remembers where they are. We are now over 1 week Nuk free and are ecstatic she took to it so easily. Now next Friday she is getting her big girl bed so we will see how this goes!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring is here

We have been quite busy the last couple of weekends running around, hosting parties and getting projects done around the house.

Last weekend Lyla and I went down to IL for a day trip to visit with my cousins and their families since they were in town. Lyla for some reason was shy the whole time we were visiting and didn't play a lot with her cousin Anne but was able to sneak in a little hug.

Then Saturday I threw a little bridal shower/birthday party for a couple of my college friends. It was nice getting everyone together again and sharing past memories.

The preggers are on the run! My friend Mandy is due in a couple of weeks and me in a couple of months. Jonathan and Lyla are only a few months apart as well so it will be nice to have 2 sets of kids close in age.

Group shot: Stacey, Mickey, Mandy, Carri and Dana

2 year checkup

Lyla had her 2 year checkup on Friday and she is growing right on track. She is 25 lbs (25%) and 34.5 inches tall (50%). We figured she would be a tall, skinny girl. We have been really impressed with her development as well. She can practically count 1-14 on her own (might need a little help with 1 or 2 numbers). She has been doing really well with colors and knows pink, purple, blue, orange and yellow. She gets green and red when she really tries. She also has been doing really well with shapes. She knows heart, oval, triangle and sometimes circle and square.

This weekend my parents came and helped paint the baby's room and the kids bathroom. I figured if we are painting one room and have everything out, might as well paint too rooms (especially since we had the help)!

New bright bathroom

We decided since we are having 2 girls, might as well make the bathroom girlie.

Baby's room

We were going to paint the room green but Matt wanted something a little different than Lyla's room since her room is green and white. We were deciding between light pink and orange and my true love of orange got the best of me and I picked it up.

Lyla will be getting her big girl bed and furniture in 1-2 weeks so we had to make sure everything was ready to move out of her room to the baby's room before that happened. Let's hope she transitions well to the new bed!

On Sunday we finished getting the rooms picked up and together and then worked outside. I got my flowers planted and Matt got his projects done. Now I'm plain tired and need a break for the rest of the night!

Lyla playing on the 4 wheeler

Lyla then playing on the lawn mower

Does someone like riding on tractors???