Little tidbits about our family: Matt, Alicia, Lyla, Hayden and Ella

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crawling all around

Hayden has been showing a lot of signs of crawling the last few weeks. I thought she was going to start crawling when we were in Mexico to just prove a point but she luckily didn't. She would go from a sitting position to her belly, move her arms to crawl but her legs wouldn't follow. Then she would get frustrated and roll over or go back to a sitting position. I have been working with her on moving her legs behind her and this morning she proved that she was ready to go! She hasn't taken off yet but I think once she gets the hang of it, she will be everywhere before I know it! Now life in the Brown household will be crazy!

What am I going to get into now?
I just learned how to crawl so get out of my way!

Here I come!

I found out a couple weeks ago that I will be gone on Lyla's birthday this year. I have my yearly national sales meeting in Tennessee and now they moved it to the end of March instead of the beginning. Luckily I was able to get home a day earlier so even though Lyla will be in bed, I will be able to celebrate the whole day with her on Sunday. Now her birthday party will be moved to March 31st so she can have a whole week to celebrate!

With the weather getting nicer, I'm starting to get Spring fever! Organizing, getting miscellaneous things put away and planning on what I want to change with the house is just a few starters. I'm itching to get our kitchen, living room and hallway painted so I can get the wallpaper out of my house! I also want a new kitchen table, find new decorations and potentially new counter tops?? Matt doesn't know what I have all up my sleeve but maybe he will go along with it! He gets to plan his new garage out back so I get something out of it too right? Let's hope for the best!

Have a great weekend!