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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jan 2014

Hello to January 2014! We are excited for a new year and to see what this year will bring us.  We already received great news with Matt getting a promotion at work.  He is now the Regional Director of Plant Security!  He has been traveling a lot lately, every 2-3 weeks per month, so it's been an adjustment being a single parent during the week.  I'm just lucky to have great girls that are used to our crazy, busy schedule!  I continue to work 40 hours in 4 days and then work from home on Fridays so there is never a slow moment for us during the week!

Lyla has had a few take home projects from school lately.  This project was to decorate the bear in his winter gear.  We had a good time trying to figure out how to make his scarf, gloves, hat and boots!  I'm not very creative but at least Lyla had fun with cutting, gluing and coloring!
Lyla was proud of her bear
Hayden continues to do a great job sleeping in her big girl bed.  I just love to see what position she will be in when I check on her.  I just wish she would stay under her covers as she has the coldest room in the house. At least she is dressed warmly.

After the holidays, I wanted to start potty training Hayden but she hasn't been showing a lot of interest.  Lyla didn't show a lot of interest in the beginning as well so we will continue to keep a consistent schedule with her in hopes she will become more excited to become a big girl soon!  I'm also hoping with Lyla being around and Hayden wanting to be just like her big sister, that might help push her a little more. Wish us luck!
Nap time in Hayden's bed...can you tell this was staged!
This winter has been a hard one already.  We have been getting snow here and there but the below 0 temps have been keeping us inside a lot.  We have already had a few cancellations for school and I think we might have another 1-2 cancellations this coming week too.  We will just have to have more fort building and craft days I suppose.
Ella getting love from the girls

Lyla playing with all her new Barbie toys!
The girls had a great day helping dad snow blow the driveway and then going sledding in the yard.  Who needs a sled hill when you have a 4wheeler and a pull behind sled!  The girls just love this time with daddy.

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